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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SR-22?

A SR22 is a certificate of insurance that proves you carry car insurance. The Insurance company is required to file the Certificate with the state.

Will I get my SR-22 the same day?

Yes, we will give you a copy of the SR-22 the same day.


When will my coverage start and will I have proof of insurance immediately?

You will have coverage immediately unless you request a future date.  You will have your proof of insurance in hand before you walk out of our office.


What discounts do I qualify for?

Some of the most common discounts you may qualify for are the Homeowners discount, Multi Car discount, Prior insurance discount and the clean driver history discount. There are other discounts that can be applied to a policy depending on your individual circumstances.


Will my driving history affect the price of insurance?

Yes, any accidents or traffic violation for the previous 3-5 years will be considered in your rate.


Do I need to own a car to have Insurance?

No, we can insure you under an operator policy which doesn’t require you to have a vehicle registered in your name. This type of policy insures the policy holder in any personal auto they drive.


What information do I need to get a quote?

We need the name and date of birth of all the drivers you want to insure, the known driving history for those drivers, the year, make and model of the vehicles or VIN and a Colorado address for the person requesting the quote.


What type of coverage do you offer?

We have different coverage depending on your insurance needs.  We listed the explanation of some of the most common coverage below.

  • Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability-These coverage protect you if you injure someone else or damage someone else’s property while operating your automobile. You must be legally liable for the injuries or damages to activate these coverage. Colorado law requires liability insurance.

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist-This protects the named insured, the named insured’s resident relatives and occupants in the insured vehicle, if they sustain bodily injury in an accident in which the owner operator of another motor vehicle is legally liable and does not have insurance(uninsured) or does not have enough insurance (underinsured). This coverage must be offered but does not have to be accepted by the insured.

  • Medical Payments-This pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses, without regard to legal liability, resulting from accidental bodily injury in a motor vehicle accident. This coverage is not required to be offered by the insurance company.

  • Collision-This protects against damage to your vehicle resulting from collision with another vehicle or object regardless of whom is at fault. If the driver is at fault your insurance company may have a legal right to seek reimbursement from the other driver or the other drivers insurance company.

  • Comprehensive- This insures you against theft or other damage to your vehicle other than collision, such as wind damage, falling objects and vandalism.

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage are subject to a deductible selected by the insured. Other coverage that may be sold include towing and rental reimbursement.



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